Jewellery & gemstones

Since 1890 in gold town pforzheim

As one of the oldest jewellery and gemstone companies in the gold town of Pforzheim, the family-owned company Robert SCHÜTT Witwe is today successfully managed by the fourth and fifth generation. The extensive service around precious stones and individual jewellery and the flexibility with which customer wishes are implemented, are a personal concern to us.

As a former company focused mainly on grinding and cutting of rough stones we offer not only an extensive gemstone trade but also an impressive gemstone exhibition. In this exhibition you can admire a wide range of fascinating minerals and crystals as well as unique exhibits from the more than 50 years old “SCHÜTT Collection”. In addition to wonderfully grown crystal formations, elaborate hand engraving and masterpieces of gemstone cutting can be experienced.

In addition we are showing jewellery pieces of various periods in the exhibition space, from the 1930s to the present day with designer jewellery from Pforzheim.

In our goldsmith workshop, we offer our customers a versatile service and respond to individual customer requests.

The company SCHÜTT carries a large assortment of self-made gold and silver jewellery with precious stones. For over 70 years, we have been producing our collections 100% in the goldtown of Pforzheim. By crafting we refine stones that were created millions of years ago in the depths of the earth. In many operations, raw minerals were made to shine and set in motion by the art of goldsmithing.

Due to the connection to the golden city Pforzheim, it is a personal concern to us to promote the cultural diversity of the city. Through special exhibitions, events and cultural initiatives, we try to enrich the cityscape. In this fast-moving time, SCHÜTT consciously focuses on direct contact with customers and competent advice.

We look forward to your visit!

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Gabriele Fischer and David Fischer
The 4th and 5th generation